Hack for India 🇮🇳

We are now live with Hack for India :india: in association with Malpani Ventures :sunglasses:

Hack for India is an initiative to find creative ways to improve the UI and UX of digital products created by the Government and Government supported organisations

Registrations are now open. Head to Hack for India | HackforChange | UXHack to learn more and register.

Use this thread to discuss event as well as to ask your queries


Welcome aboard everyone!
Hope you are all doing fine after all the Dolo shots

Now time for some brainwork🧠

Drop in your hi’s and hello’s, introduce yourself, and most importantly if you have any questions or doubts please share them here.

Also please share word of the event with your friends and colleagues: you can participate as a team too.

Pretty excited for this. Hope you are too


Do all the members of the team need to register induvial or single person can register the event??

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Only one person needs to register Hari

Where we have to submit our solution??

First you need to register for the event.

Then, for each problem statement, tap Details:

You will see an option to ‘Start Submission’:

PS: You need to be registered and logged in to see the option to submit

We are glad to welcome Creators of Products as our Community Partner for the event.

This Saturday we’ll be hosting a QnA on their Slack. Do join in here: Join Slack

Also, in general, a fab community to check out. Head over to their website to know more: https://www.creatorsofproducts.com/

So we’ve started adding some useful resources that can be especially useful if this is the first time you are taking part in a UX Hackathon.
Even if you’ve done this before, well worth checking them out.

We’ll keep adding to these…

For more head over to: UX Audit Checklist - #3 by Akshay.Kanade
or UXH Resources - UXHack Forum

You’ll also start seeing these on the submission pages for each problem statement

All the best!

We are in the home run now, 3 days to go. This is the time to put the max effort in folks

Pretty sure you will have some questions and so we have 2 QnA sessions for you today:

The 1st one is at 11 am IST with the folks at Creators of Products
Join in here: Q&A Call | Hack for India UX Hackathon - Zoom
Make sure to join Creators of Product on Slack (Join Slack) while you are there

Later, at 4 PM, join me in a Live QnA on Zoom:
Details here: QnA - Hack For India 🇮🇳 - Zoom

See you there!

PS: You can also post your questions here or drop us a line at contact@uxhack.co incase of doubts

Here’s the recording of the walkthrough + QnA

The submissions have started rolling in

Pro Tip: don’t wait till the deadline to hit the Submit button. Submit a draft first up and then keep editing it till the deadline. This way you can avoid the last minute rush :running_woman:t3:

All the best!

3 hrs more to go. Which ones are you submitting for?

Hey folks we have extended the submission deadline by 24 hrs

The deadline is now: 22nd Feb, Tuesday, 10PM IST

We are extending the deadline as we would like to see more quality solutions come in

So if you were on the fence whether to submit or not, this is a great opportunity.

Those that have already submitted: you can continue to make edits to your submission till the deadline.

Cheers and looking forward to some more great submissions

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Time’s up!

Thank you everyone for your submissions

We’ll be out with the shortlist on the 24th of Feb

Shortlist is now out for Hack for India!



Many congratulations :clap: :clap:

Best wishes for the Demo day on 27 Feb at 4 PM IST.

You can watch the demo day live on Youtube. To know more and block your calendar: https://lu.ma/gyzki4mp

No submissions were shortlisted for IT Returns and LIC problem statements

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A big welcome to our jury members for tomorrow’s Demo Day

-Ankita Agarwal, Interaction Designer, Google
-Amit Ranjan, Co-Founder Slideshare & Architect Digilocker
-Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, Founder, Malpani Ventures

Know more about them and join us for the Demo Day tomorrow at 4pm IST

Event page: Hack for India | HackforChange | UXHack