Weekly Challenges Season 05 is on

Can’t believe we are already in Season 5 of weekly. Something which started as a small experiment by us is now much bigger in its avatar.


Wohooo :partying_face:
We are finally getting started!

Just a thought, this whole forum somehow feels so liberating for some reason.

Welcome everyone!

We’ll also be adding Challenge specific threads and linking them here.

BTW, have you checked out the Live event page yet? uxhack.co/live

And the challenge page



Next challenge is on that
No need to sweat on getting invites and sharing screen recordings :sweat_smile:

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As I was discussing the other day, With opening on Android, it’s as good as public :grin:

We are live with our first challenge of this season on Zomato. You can find the topic around the challenge here: https://forum.uxhack.co/t/uxh-wc39-zomato-challenge/88/9

Anyone got Zomato stock?

  • Yipeeeee! YES :rocket:
  • No
  • Waiting to… buy the dip :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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Well we posted this on social and the results were, divided. But here goes nothing.
Where do you think we should host the Saturday audio chats:

  • Clubhouse
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Leher
  • Other

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These are free wheeling conversations, focused on the product/sector of that week. But, ya, we do also end up discussing bitcoin, health, ye , woh and lots more. In 30min, and open to all

So as some of you maybe aware, Season Pass holders get access to what we are calling a Performance Analytics dashboard.

Heavy words yes, but we think this could really something that could help participants during the season: track progress and areas of improvements.

We needed some help, feedback actually: what more should this dashboard have?
What would make it more meaningful? Tell us!

For now this is what we’ll be showing:

  • Total registrations, submissions
  • Your average score
  • Highest scoring skill
  • Lowest scoring skill
  • Average score
  • Scatter map of your skills
  • Scatter map Superimposed with avg skill score of leaders
  • Graph of each skill score and overall score

And a small preview of how they will look:

Also chk our our walkthrough video where we talk about this and the Visual insights piece:

Also we are using the Apex chart library, so any chatters that you see on this link, we could add:

Aaaand we have the results for the 1st challenge on Zomato :drum:

Here are the top two for UXH WC39:
:1st_place_medal:Anshul @Anshul.Goyal
:2nd_place_medal:Harshit @hd.daga

:partying_face: Many congratulations to both and the rest as well

Special mentions:
@hd.daga for some amazing scenarios, memes and a delightful read
@deepantv3 for copying us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Loved the presentation style video
@Prakhar.Rawat Rather extensive study
@Vikas.Sethi2 Ayurveda? Really?? Wow that was completely out of the box. And sooo many ideas

Check out all the solutions here


Fantastic efforts by everyone. Many congratulations :clap: :clap:

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Ze Leaderboard :bar_chart:

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Yes @Akshay.Kanade. But actually it took me more time which point to put first but it helped to explain in sequence. Hope it came out ok.

Congratulations to all and winners too

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Eventually it will be a breeze. Massive improvements and good effort!

Should be a nice discussion
So much to talk about and some awesome ideas
9PM tonight. Head over to the Live page for details

The Discussion recording is now up on the live page: watch with a Premium Audience pass
And check out the free preview here:

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And we are up with challenge no 40 (hard to believe we have done 40 of these now)
The product’s Clubhouse and we trying to see if there can be a ‘Feature X’ that we can build for it.

This one, without a doubt, is going to be fun
Some solid :brain: work needed for this one

Registrations now open!

Since we are talking a lot about ‘Management’ in this challenge, how about a quick poll

Which of the following accurately fits your idea of ‘Management’

Exhibit A: Pointy-haired boss

Exhibit B: Dogbert

Exhibit C: CEO

Tough choice, vote now!

  • Exhibit A: Point-haired Boss
  • Exhibit B: Dogbert
  • Exhibit C: CEO

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All comics via dilbert.com | Check out what the Urban Dictionary think of each of these ‘characters’
If you dont know why we are suddenly fascinated with the word ‘Management’, you clearly have not read our lovely scenario for this week’s challenge: Read now

And here are your winners for Zomato Challenge. Congrats @Anshul.Goyal and @hd.daga :tada:

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Join us at 9PM IST tonight for a discussion on Clubhouse

LOTS of talking points. Not sure we’ll be able to put them all in 30-40min