Weekend Hackathons: FAQs, Doubts and more

Hey folks just creating a thread of common questions that will likely come up when taking part in Weekend Hackathons

To start with I’m adding the main FAQs that are also listed on the event page.
We’ll add to these as we go along.

Also if you have any questions, you can drop them here too.

What is the expected output and file format?
The submission should be an image (png or jpeg). This can be exported from a design tool (such as Figma, Adobe XD etc) or any tool that you are comfortable using. However, please do not post hand-sketches or only wireframes, as the evaluation is on the quality of design output.
Note: Please do NOT add any annotations, explanation notes to the design. The output should be pure design

What is the evaluation criteria?

  • These are design focussed challenges. So the evaluation is based on the quality of the design output. Given time constraints, we realise that putting out pixel perfect designs may not be possible. Hence, more weightage will be given to clear communication of the improvements (in terms of design) and an acceptable design quality. Wireframes and hand sketches are discouraged.
  • Also, we expect basic design hygiene to be followed: alignment, font and color consistency et al
  • Depending on the challenge context, you may choose to use/change the products design guidelines. We leave this discretion to you.
  • We are NOT looking for ‘glitz designs’, if you get what we mean! Functional, quality output is what is needed