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A thread of nice designs, great user flows, nudges and more, across popular products. The intent is to learn from them and possibly implement them in our own products. An open thread, so do add your own…

It’s the end of the year (financial year) and about the time when people are looking to save taxes. Zerodha has a simple nudge to help its users.

Tax loss harvesting is a complicated term (even to say), but Zerodha has used simple copy to communicate what it is and how investors can benefit off it.

What’s nice about this nudge:

  • It’s prominent yet non-intrusive: shows up across the main tabs yet dismissable
  • Has the right intent: Zerodha is nudging users to do what is right for them
  • Easy to understand: Even a layman can understand what needs to be done
  • Detailing exists: incase a user wants to get more details, the supporting blog post details out what she needs to do

All in all a well intentioned, timely and well placed nudge

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Feedback to Zerodha: Maybe the actual UI and placement can be better: Blue is an active color, best used only for links. The nudge hides important sorting and other options on web: maybe have the nudge ‘framework’ as a separate unit, so it doesn’t interfere with the content behind it. And maybe Kite should have a ‘Notification’ framework/section, where all such updates can reside

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