Best way to present design work to clients/internal teams

Wanted to understand what are the best practices to present your work to a client or internal teams, especially during intermediate drops

I’ve noticed that a lot can get lost in communication if only the Figma links and prototype are shared (esp if the team/client is non design led). And they only view the specific screenshot that is shared and ignore the overall file

Having one-on-one calls is ideal, but maybe that works great for larger drops, kickoffs. My question is more around intermediate situations.

Is there a tool, approach, framework that is ideally suited for such situations?

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Yeah, can relate. Navigating Figma links is certainly not easy :slight_smile:

I think if Figma via plugin or otherwise makes it easy to convert it to an HTML prototype or some sort of slideshow, think it can help.

Easier to consume and definitely hard to miss

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Ya something like a Loom within Figma might not be a bad idea.